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Factor V LeidenFactor V Leiden mutation, FV-PCR, FVL

Factor XIII AssayFactor XIII

Faecal A1AT
Faecal Alpha 1 Antitrypsin
Faecal CalprotectinCalprotectin

Faecal Chymotrypsin
Faecal Elastasepancreatic elastase

Faecal ElectrolyteFaecal K, Faecal Na

Faecal FatFat - Faeces

Faecal Occult Bloodfaeces Occult Blood, FOB, Occult Blood

Faecal Osmolality
Faecal Reducing SubstancesFaecal Reducing sugars

Faecal Tryptic Activity
Faeces - Microscopy and Cultureadenovirus, C.difficile, CDT, cryptosoridium, enterovirus, giardia, norovirus, parasites, rotavirus, toxin

Familial mediterranean genetic screen
Fascioliasis antibody
Filaria Serology
FilariasisMicrofilaria detection in blood

Fine Needle Aspiration CytologyAspiration biopsy, FNA, FNAC

FISH - 22q11Chromosome analysis

FISH for C-MYC, bcl-2 and bcl-6 on paraffin embedded tissueTissue block FISH

Flavivirus PCRDengue PCR, Flavivirus NAD, Japanese B viruses PCR, Kunjin PCR, MVE PCR, West Nile Virus PCR, Yellow Fever PCR, Zika Virus PCR

Flavivirus SerologyDengue fever serology, Japanese B encephalitis, Kunjin serology, Murray Valley Encephalitis serology

Flucloxacillin level

Fluid for CytologyAscitic Fluid, Drain tube Fluid, Ovarian Fluid, Pericardial Fluid, Peritoneal Fuid., Pleural Fluid, Pouch of Douglas Fluid, Synovial Fluid

Fluids - for Cell Count And CultureAscitic Fluid culture, body fluid culture, culture joint fluid, pericardial fluid culture, peritoneal dialysis fluid culture, pleural fluid culture, synovial fluid culture

Fluids, miscellaneous - for BiochemistryAlbumin - fluid, Glucose - fluid, Protein - fluid

Folate - Red CellFolic Acid

Folate - SerumFolic Acid

Follicle Stimulating HormoneFSH

Fondaparinux Level10a, Fondaparinux level

Fragile X Studies
Free Andogen IndexFAI

Free Fatty Acids
Free Light Chains
Free PSAPSA Free

Frozen SectionHistology, Intraoperative consultation

Full Blood ExaminationFBE, Full Blood, Full Blood Examination

Functional Pathology
Fungal culture identification
Fungal microscopy and culture - skin scrapingsFungal culture

Fungal Sensitivities

Pathology Handbook

Test & Collection Guide


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