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Bacterial Antigens
Bacterial identification
Barmah Forest Virus SerologyBarmah Forest Virus Ab, BFV

Bartonella henselae SerologyCat Scratch serology

BCR-abl Genetic Testing
Bethesda AssayFactor Inhibitor Assay

BicarbonateHCO3, Total CO2

Bile Acids
Bile Duct Brushing
Bilirubin, ConjugatedCBIL, Direct Bilirubin

Bilirubin, TotalTBIL

Biopsy - Microscopy and CultureTissue Microscopy and culture

Blood Cultures - Adult
Blood Cultures - Children and Neonates
Blood Cultures for MycobacteriaAFB culture (blood), Mycobacterial Blood Culture

Blood Gases
Blood Group and Antibody ScreenGroup and Hold

Blood Pyruvate
Bone Marrow ExaminationBone marrow aspirate, Bone Marrow Trephine

Bordetella pertussis culture
Bordetella pertussis PCRBordetella pertussis NAD, Pertussis NAD

Bordetella pertussis SerologyBordetella pertussis Ab, Pertussis serology, Whooping cough serology

Brain Natriuretic PeptideBNP, ProBNP

Bronchial Brushing - Cytology
Bronchial Washing - Cytology
Bronchial Washing/Broncho-alveolar Lavage - Microscopy and Culture
Bronchoalveolar Lavage - CytologyBAL

Brucella SerologyBrucella Ab