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Blood Cultures - Adult

Ordering information:

8-10mL per bottle, collect the Aerobic first, followed by Anaerobic.

Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Blood Culture (Adult)Blood Culture (Adult)
Collection Instructions:

For patients with suspected bacterial endocarditis, 2 to 3 sets taken at different times should be sufficient to establish a diagnosis.

Collect blood cultures 20 minutes apart. If patient is too ill to wait 20 minutes, prior to administering antibiotics, collect the first set from one site and the second from a different site

Please provide clinical details. Extended incubation is required for query endocarditis, brucellosis or fungal infection.

Transport bottles at room temperature.


Minimum Adult Volume:
8 mL

 Refer to Objectify Policy # 2086 Collection of Blood Cultures


Result Turnaround Time:
5-14 days
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Bottles should be loaded on to the Bactec FX analyser as soon as possible. If entry is delayed, store bottles at room temperature.

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Test & Collection Guide


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