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G6PD Quantitative Assay
GAADDCP, Des-γ-carboxy-prothrombin, PIVKA II

GalactomannanAspergillus galactomannan

Galactose Screen
GalactosidaseAlpha Galactosidase

Gastric Aspirate
Gastric Lavage for Tuberculosis
GBS ScreenGBS culture, GBS swab, Group B Streptococcus culture, Group B Streptococcus screen

Gestational Glucose ScreenDET, Diabetes Exclusion Test, GCT

GilbertGilbert's syndrome, Gilbert's syndrome PCR, UDPGT gene test

GlucoseBlood Sugar, BS, FBS, Gl, Gluc, RBG, RBS

Glucose - Cerebrospinal Fluid
Glucose Tolerance TestGTT

Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase ScreenG6PD Screen

Glutamyl Transferase, Gammagamma-GT, GGT

Glycerol Lysis Test
Gonococcal PCRgonorrhoea NAD, Neisseria gonorrhoeae NAD, Neisseria gonorrhoeae PCR

Growth HormoneGH, somatotrophin

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Test & Collection Guide


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