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Requires approval from the Clinical Microbiologist

Test is non orderable through EMR

Alternate names:
Aspergillus Antigen, Aspergillus galactomannan
Referred Test
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Bronchial Washings
Cerebrospinal Fluid
Container types:
Sterile Jar
Serum tube with gel
Sterile Jar
Collection Instructions:
Sample haemolysis may make this test unreportable
Transport specimen at Room Temperature to lab
Minimum Adult Volume:
1 mL
As required
Result Turnaround Time:
5-7 days
Laboratory Use Only
Laboratory Notes:

5.3.18 Aspergillus PCR and GM-ELISA : tests not  available at Burnet until further notice.  Refer to Westmead. Requires Clinical Microbiologist approval.

Aspergillus Galactomannan(GM) is performed at the Burnet Institute on BAL  (Bronchoalveolar lavage) specimens only.

Aspergillus PCR is performed at the Burnet Institute on BAL (Bronchoalveolar lavage) specimens and whole blood, 10 ml is required.

Samples need to arrive by Tuesday 12md to get results that week.

Address samples to:

Dr. Harini de Silva,

Mycology Research Laboratory, Burnet Building,

85 Commercial Rd, Melbourne, 3004

If Galactomannon on serum, clotted blood or CSF is requested, see below.

Send to  Pathology West, Level 3

Institute of Clinical Pathology & Medical Research (ICPMR)

Westmead Hospital, NSW, 2145 Australia

Test will be performed on Tuesday and Thursday

Contact: Catriona Halliday, Senior Hospital Scientist or Sharon Chen, Senior Staff Specialist

Ph: 02 9845 6255

Fax: 02 9893 8659

Aspergillus PCR is performed twice weekly (Wednesday and Friday).

Aspergillus GM ELISA is performed weekly.

All positive results are phoned through.

PCR requirements: 10 ml whole blood in EDTA, 0.5 ml CSF, 1ml of BAL, 0.2 ml vitreous fluid, fresh tissue in a sterile container, or 10 x 10mm paraffin embedded tissue sections in a sterile pot.

Serology requirements: 1 ml of serum, 10 ml of clotted blood in plain tube (no additives), 1 ml BAL or 0.6 ml of CSF

External Laboratory:
ICPMR (Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research)
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