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Nail clippings for fungal microscopy and culture
NAIT Screen
Neisseria gonorrhoeae antiobiotic testing
Neisseria gonorrhoeae culture
Neonatal Blood Group SerologyNeonatal Group & DAT Neonatal Group, Screen and DAT

Nerve Biopsy
Neutralising antibodies to Interferon BNAB antibodies

Neutrophil Function Tests
Nipple Discharge
NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing)NIPT/Reproductive Genetic Testing/Percept/Harmony

NMDA antibodiesAnti-NMDA, n-methyl-d aspartate receptor, NMDA receptor, NMDA-R, NMDAR

NMO IgG antibodyAQP-4, Aquaporin 4 Antibody, Neuromyelitis Optica IgG antibody

Non Invasive Prenatal Analysis (NIPA)ffDNA

Notifiable Infectious Diseases

Pathology Handbook

Test & Collection Guide


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