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IA-2 antibodiesIslet Cell Antibodies

IgDImmunoglobulin D

IgE, Total
IGF-1 BP3IGF-1 Binding Protein 3

IgG Subclasses
IL 28
Imatinib LevelGlivec

ImmunofluorescenceDIF, IF, IMF, Immunofluorescence, Punch biopsy of skin, Renal IF

ImmunoglobulinsIgA, IgG, IgM, IMM

Infectious Mononucleosis ScreenGlandular Fever Screen, IM Test, Monospot, Paul Bunnell, PB

InfliximabInflectra, Remicade

InhibinTotal inhibin

Inhibin B
Insulin-like Growth Factor 1IGF-1, Somatomedin C

Interleukin 6IL-6

Intrinsic Factor Antibody
Iron - LiverHepatic Iron Concentration

Iron StudiesFe, IS

Isohaemagglutinin titreAnti A titre, Anti B titre, Anti-A, Anti-B

IUD cultureintrauterine device, IUD

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Test & Collection Guide


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