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Cerner Orderable: Immunofluorescence.

Ideally this sample should be collected before noon. Call the Anatomical Pathology laboratory on 9895 3477 during business hours  (9.00am - 5.00pm) to notify fresh tissue sample is taken and will require immediate attention.

After hours please call the on call Anatomical Pathologist to discuss.

Alternate names:
DIF, IF, IMF, Immunofluorescence, Punch biopsy of skin, Renal IF
Anatomical Pathology
Test Code:
Medicare details:
MBS number: 72847
100% MBS price: $89.40
Specimen types:
Container types:
Sterile JarSterile Jar
Collection Instructions:
Transport ON ICE IMMEDIATELY to lab

Renal IF: The fresh tissue is placed into Michel's transport medium..

Skin IF: If immunofluorescence is required 2 punch biopsies should be taken, one placed in formalin, the other remains fresh and placed on saline soaked gauze. If microbiological culture is required, a third punch biopsy should be taken. This should also be received fresh on saline soaked gauze.

Fresh tissue for IF should be placed in an eksy on ice and delivered to the laboratory as soon as possible. If there is a short delay in transporation please place tissue in fridge at 40C until the specimen can be sent.

If there is to be a long delay (> 12 hours) in transportation the fresh specimen should be place in Michel's medium


This biopsy should ideally be taken in the morning Mon-Fri, so that the specimen can be dealt with in the Anatomical Pathology Laboratory otherwise deterioration of the sample may occur and may affect results.

If punch biopsy is taken in the afternoon, the specimen must arrive in the Histology Lab before 5.00. If this is not possible the specimen must be collected into Michel's medium otherwise the deterioration of the specimen may occur which may affect results.

Please contact Anatomical Laboratory on 9895 3477 for collection of Michel's medium.

Skin IF: A 3mm (miniumum diametre) punch biopsy is required for diagnosis. Large biopsies (5mm or greater) may be bisected for IF. Renal IF: A portion of renal core biopsy no smaller than 2 mm is required for diagnosis.

Anatomical Pathology do not supply punch biopsy kits.

Result Turnaround Time:
72 hours
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

RENAL: IF on renal biopsies is only requested by the renal  pathologist. Otherwise store in the AP fridge for 3 month then discard.

SKIN: Fresh specimens received on saline soaked gauze for IF are now performed in house. If skin specimen is sent to the laboratory out of hours please call the 'on call" pathologist to check that IF is requested. If IF is requested place specimen into Michel's medium. This is found in the fridge in the Anatomical Pathology Laboratory.Place specimen in bucket - "DIF to be frozen". Generally this is not an on-call procedure for scientists to come in for.  If microbiological culture is required, a third fresh specimen should be sent to the microbiology laboratory.

Transport Instructions:



Laboratory Notes:

Renal  and Skin IF:  Are now performed at Eastern Health Pathology