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T Cell Function Test
T cell gene rearrangement study

Testtest1, test2, test3

This test is currently being reviewed
For information regarding this test please contact the senior scientist on duty in:
Tetanus antibodiesTetanus toxoid serology

ThalliumUrine Thallium

TheophyllineAminophylline, Neulin, Theo-Dur

Thiopurin Methyl Transferase GenotypingTPMT activity replaced by genotyping

Thiopurine Metabolites6MMP, 6TG, AZA metabolites, Imuran Metabolites

Thrombin Clotting TimeTCT

Thrombophilia ScreenHypercoagulability Studies

Thyroid Function Tests (TSH and FT4)Free Thyroxine, FT3, FT4, TFT, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Tri-iodothyronine, TSH

Thyrotropin-Receptor AntibodiesThyroid Receptor Antibodies, TRAB

Tissue Block (cut sections) Nucleic acid detection (PCR)NAD, Nucleic Acid Detection., PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction

Tissue for Disposal
Tissue plasminogen activatorTPA

Tissue release from Anatomical Pathology
TORCH SerologyTORCH, TORCH screen

Toxocara serologyToxocara canis serology, Toxocariasis, Visceral Larva Migrans

Toxoplasma PCRToxoplasma gondii NAD

Toxoplasma serologyToxoplasma gondii, Toxoplasma IgG, Toxoplasma IgM

TransferrinTFER, TRSF

Transferrin Isoforms
Transferrin Receptors, SolubleSoluble Transferrin Receptors

Transfusion Reaction
Transglutaminase AntibodiesCoeliac screen

TransthyretinPre Albumin

Trichinella serologyTrichinella spiralis serology

Trichomonas PCRTrich, Trichomonas

Tricyclic AntidepressantsTCA

TriglyceridesTG, Trigs

Troponin T (High Sensitivity)hsTnT, TNT, Troponin, TrT

Typhoidenteric fever, typhoid fever

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Test & Collection Guide


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