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TORCH Serology

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Toxoplasma, Rubella, CMV and Herpes serology

Alternate names:
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Plain Tube with gelPlain Tube with gel
Collection Instructions:
Sample haemolysis may make this test unreportable
Transport specimen at Room Temperature to lab

Screen includes - Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, CMV and Herpes Simplex



  Toxoplasmosis Rubella CMV Herpes simplex
At risk if: Maternal symptoms or IgM positive Maternal primary infection or re-infection Maternal primary infection (50%)
Maternal reinfection or reactivation (?1%)
Maternal genital infection in pregnancy (recurrent, acquisition of other type if already infected, initial non-primary, primary)
Initial tests - maternal serology Maternal IgG positive and IgM negative:
No further action required.
Maternal IgM + IgG positive:
Request neonatal testing.
Maternal rubella IgG/IgM if
(i) contact with rubella
(ii) rubella-like illness
Maternal IgG &/or IgM positive:
Request neonatal testing
Clinical assessment, antenatal serology or viral PCR results if available
Neonatal testing if indicated by maternal results and clinical suspicion Serology ? IgG & IgM
PCR ? blood*, CSF
Serology ? rubella IgM
PCR ? urine, throat swab, tears (conjunctival swab), lens tissue (if available)
Serology ? CMV IgM
PCR ? blood*, urine, saliva
PCR ? surface swabs (eye, throat, umbilicus, rectum), urine, blood*, CSF if positive surface swabs or infant with clinical illness
Result Turnaround Time:
2-7 days
Reference Interval:

Toxoplasma, Rubella, CMV performed daily at BHH (adults)

HSV performed weekly at RCH.

Laboratory Use Only
Laboratory Notes:

On adults,Toxo, CMV & rubella performed at BHH, HSV send to RCH.

 If requested on a baby, DO NOT perform any testing at EHP. Do not add Rubella IgG.

Refer the specimen to Microbiology, who will send to RCH to do ALL the testing, including Rubella IgM.


If minimal sample, send all to RCH, Microbial Serology . Contact 9345 4910.

External Laboratory:
Royal Childrens Hospital
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