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Tissue Block (cut sections) Nucleic acid detection (PCR)

Ordering information:

This is either an "Add on" request to an existing Histology specimen (please fax request to 9895 3184) 

OR an order placed at the same time at the Histology Specimen(s) Cerner oder. Please free text this in the "Special Instructions".

Alternate names:
NAD, Nucleic Acid Detection., PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction
Anatomical Pathology
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Not required
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Minimum 6, preferably 12 10-20um paraffin embedded tissue sections using a clean blade, gloves and place into a sterile container..

Transport Instructions:

This is a send out test. Send to the appropriate place depending on the type of PCR. Eg. AFB PCR = VIDRL.

Send in a padded envelope.

Laboratory Notes:

Send to Peter Mac or possibly VIDRL. Check with Micro lab - depends on type of PCR test.

Courier: Peter Mac or VIDRL

Peter Mac Institute: 9656 1530

External Laboratory:
Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
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