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Gastric Lavage for Tuberculosis

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Gastric Lavage
This is appropriate when the patient cannot produce expectorated sputum. These specimens must be neutralised to pH 7 within four hours of collection to ensure the viability of any mycobacteria present.

Contact Microbiology on 9895 3475 before the specimen is collected so arrangements can be made for the specimen to be sent to the reference laboratory.

Referred Test
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Sterile JarSterile Jar
Collection Instructions:
2-8 deg required if transport delayed > 30 mins
Result Turnaround Time:
6-8 weeks
Laboratory Use Only
Laboratory Notes:

Contact VIDRL 9342 2674

External Laboratory:
Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (V.I.D.R.L)
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