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Bordetella pertussis Serology

Ordering information:

If acute infection is suspected (<4 weeks) PCR is the recommended test.

Alternate names:
Bordetella pertussis Ab, Pertussis serology, Whooping cough serology
Referred Test
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Serum tube with gelSerum tube with gel
Minimum Adult Volume:
1 mL
Paediatric Minimum Volume:
1 mL
Twice weekly
Result Turnaround Time:
3-7 days
Laboratory Use Only
Laboratory Notes:

IgA performed at RCH.

Test for current infection.

Contact RCH Serology 9345 4910

IgG performed at Healthscope (Gribbles).

May be requested to determine efficacy of vaccination.

External Laboratory:
Royal Childrens Hospital
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