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Fungal microscopy and culture - skin scrapings

Alternate names:
Fungal culture
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Skin scraping
Container types:
Sterile JarSterile Jar
Collection Instructions:

Specimen Collection Instructions

Do not treat the affected area prior to scraping

Sterile pot, sterile scalpel blade with handle or glass microscope slide, adhesive tape and alcohol swab


Remove any ointment or residual applications using soap and water.

Ensure the skin surface is dry before proceeding with the scraping.

Wash the area of skin to be scraped with an alcohol swab.

Specimen Collection

Stretching the skin, scrape the outer periphery of the lesion with the blade/slide perpendicular to the skin surface.

Collect all of the skin material into a sterile pot.
Remove adherent scrapings from the blade by rubbing against the edge of the pot.  Do not place the blade in the pot with the scrapings.  Specimens will not be processed if received in the laboratory with the blade remaining in the pot.

Label the pot with the patient’s full name, date, time and site of collection.

Store the specimen at room temperature and deliver to the laboratory on the day of collection.

Result Turnaround Time:
4 weeks

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Test & Collection Guide


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