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Fluids - for Cell Count And Culture

Alternate names:
Ascitic Fluid culture, body fluid culture, culture joint fluid, pericardial fluid culture, peritoneal dialysis fluid culture, pleural fluid culture, synovial fluid culture
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Yellow top & EDTAYellow top & EDTA
Collection Instructions:

Ascitic, Pericardial, Synovial/Joint and Pleural Fluid.

Specimen should be collected in a sterile container(s). These fluids are often clotted on arrival and only a qualitative count and Gram stain are performed.

For cell counts, an EDTA tube is required

For Cytology see Anatomical Pathology Laboratory - Cytology Service

If Cytology is the primary pathology test requested for malignancy testing a bag of fluid may be sent in addition to the 50ml containers. Bags of fluid must be transported to the laboratory in buckets. Buckets are available from Theatre or Pathology. Collect bucket prior to transporting fluid.

Transport as soon as possible to the laboratory as cells rapidly deteriorate. Specimens for cytology therefore should be transported at 2-8oC. Fluids only for microbiology may be transported at room temperature.



The transit of specimen from Angliss or Maroondah lab and out of working hour collection may cause the prolonged turnaround time

Result Turnaround Time:
1-2 hours

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Test & Collection Guide


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