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Faecal Elastase

Ordering information:

For this test to be of value, the stool specimen must be well formed - liquid or semi-liquid stools can produce artefactually lower Faecal Elastase results which may lead to clinical mis-interpretation.

This test is not medicare-rebatable.  ( The cost is $40.00)

Alternate names:
pancreatic elastase
Referred Test
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Faeces-plain potFaeces-plain pot
Collection Instructions:
Transport specimen at Room Temperature to lab

After checking the sample is a formed stool, it is to be frozen by the recieving laboratory.

Result Turnaround Time:
3 weeks
Reference Interval:

>200 ug/g faeces

Laboratory Use Only
Laboratory Notes:

Store  and transport specimen  Frozen at -20

Please write on packing list:   Attention Integrative Medicine


External Laboratory:
Dorevitch Pathology
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