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C Peptide
C-Reactive ProteinCRP

C-Reactive Protein (high sensitive)CRP-hs, CRPS


C1 Esterase InhibitorC1E Functional (C1EF); Complement Component, Functional Assay of C1 Esterase

C1q ComplementC1q

C3 ComplementC3, C3c

C4 ComplementC4

CA-125ca125, CA125

CA-15.3ca153, CA153

CA-19.9CA19.9, CA199

CADASIL-Notch 3 gene mutation

Calcium - BloodCa, Ca++, Total Calcium

Calcium - Urine
Calcium, Ionised
CalculiBladder Stones, Renal Stones, Ureteric Stones

Calreticulin mutationCALR

Campylobacter Serology
CarbamazepineAnticonvulsant, Tegretol

Carcinoembryonic AntigenCEA

Cardiac EnzymesCE

Carnitine (Total & Free)
Catheter TipsCVC Tip, PICC Tip

Cerebrospinal Fluid - BiochemistryCSF - Biochemistry

Cerebrospinal Fluid - CytologyCSF Cytology, Cytology CSF

Cerebrospinal Fluid - microscopy and cultureCSF - microscopy & culture, CSF culture, CSF M+C

Cerebrospinal Fluid ElectrophoresisCSF electrophoresis, Oligclonal bands-CSF, Oligoclonal bands-CSF

Cerebrospinal Fluid Specimen CollectionCSF, Spinal Fluid

CH 50CH 100, Total Haemolytic Complement

Chikungunya Serology
Chikungunya Virus PCRChikungunya Virus NAD

Chlamydia group antigen serology (Respiratory)Chlamydia psittaci /Chlamydia pneumoniae Ab, Chlamydia psittaci serology/Chlamydia pneumoniae serology

Chlamydia pneumoniae PCRChlamydia pneumoniae-psitacci NAD

Chlamydia psittaci PCRChlamydia pneumoniae-psitacci NAD, Psittacosis PCR

Chlamydia trachomatis PCRChlamydia trachomatis NAD

Chlamydia trachomatis serology
Chloride - BloodCl

Cholesterol, High Density LipoproteinHDL, HDLC

Cholesterol, Low Density LipoproteinLDL, LDLC


Chorionic Gonadotrophin, beta - subunitbeta HCG, Beta-Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin Hormone, BHCG, HCG

Chromogranin A
Chromosome AnalysisChromosome studies, DNA Analysis, Karyotype, Microarray, SNP Microarray

Citrate urineUrine Citrate

ClonazepamAnticonvulsant, Rivotril


CMV SerologyCMV Ab, Cytomegalovirus Ab, Cytomegalovirus serology

Coagulation Factor Assays II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII
Coagulation Factor Inhibitor ScreenBethesda Assay, Bethesda test

Coagulation Studies
Coccidioides immitis serology
Coenzyme Q10CoQ10

Cold Agglutinins
Collagen Binding Assay
Coombs Test, DirectDAT, DCT, Direct Antihuman Globulin Test

Copper - BloodCu

Copper - UrineCu

Cord Blood Serology
Coronavirus PCRRespiratory Virus NAD, SARS PCR

Cortisol - blood
Cortisol - Salivary
Cortisol - UrineUFC, Urine Free Cortisol

Cotinine - Urine
Coxsackie VirusEnterovirus NAD


CRE ScreenCarbapenamase Producing Enterobacteriaceae Screen, Carbapenamase Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Screen, CPE

Creatine KinaseCK

Creatine Kinase, MB FractionCKMB

Creatinine - BloodCr, Creat

Creatinine - Urine
Creatinine ClearanceCRCL

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease14-3-3 CJD, 14-3-3 CSF protein, CJD, CSF - CJD, Protein 14-3-3

CrossmatchingBlood Compatibility Testing, CXM

Cryoproteins - BloodCryofibrinogen, Cryoglobulin

Cryptococcal AntigenCryptococcal Antigens CSF

CSF amino acidsGlutamine

Cyclosporin AC2, CSPA

Cystic Fibrosis - Genetic Testing
Cysticercosis serologyTaenia solium serology

Cystine - Urine
Cytogenetic Analysis/Fish studyCytogenetics, FISH study

Cytomegalovirus PCRCMV NAD, Cytomegalovirus NAD

Cytomegalovirus QuantitationCMV Quantitation NAD, CMV Viral Load

Cytotoxic Antibodies