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Urine Histamine

Referred Test
Specimen types:
24 hour Urine
Container types:
24-hour urine - ACID bottle24-hour urine - ACID bottle
Collection Instructions:
Refrigerate, send to lab upon completion

Patients are required to be on a histamine-free diet 24 hours prior to and during the collection period.

Avoid the following:

Fruit:Bananas,plum,grapes,kiwifruit,avacado,cherries,blueberries,rasberries,strawberries,blackberries,blackcurrants,oranges,guava,mango,passionfruit,dried fruit, fresh and canned pineapple. 

Jams: All except apricot.

Vegetables: Tomatoes,mushrooms,spinach,broccoli,brussel sprouts,cauliflower, eggplant,broadbeans,pickeld vegetables eg;saueraut.

Nuts & Seeds: All including peanut butter and tahini

Dairy: All cheeses and cheese spreads, yoghurt flavoured with nuts,muesli containing nuts or above fruits,chocolate yogo,banana strawberry and chocolate flavoured milk,fruit smoothies.

Fish & Seafood: All including canned,fried and salted fish and seafood.

Processed Meats: All including devon,salami,sausages,ham,chicken loaf,turkey loaf.

Drinks: All wine and beer (all fermented beverages),Juices of all fruit listed above.

Condiments: All chutneys and also malted or coloured vinegar,mayonnaise and tartare sauce.

Fermented Foods: Yeast extracts eg: Marmite,Vegemite,fish sauce,fish paste, meat sauce.


Patient Collection Instructions


Reference Interval:

Histamine 0.0-0.8 umol/24 hr

1-Methyl Histamine 0.0-1.5 umol/24 hr

Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

A 50 ml alliquot should be sent together with clinical notes and 24 hour volume measurement.

Sample may be transported unfrozen unless it is likely to take longer than 3 days, in which circumstance the sample should be stored frozen and transported frozen.

Specimen reception staff should also store a frozen aliquot in case the first aliquot is lost in transit.

Results: 02-98453284

External Laboratory:
The Children's Hospital at Westmead
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