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Urine for Cytology

Ordering information:

Cerner orderable: Cytology Specimen(s).

Urine x 3 Needs to be "Timed Study". Please make sure all 3 pots are labelled with date and time.

Urinary haemosiderin and eosinophils - please free text this in the "Special Handling" requirements.  

Alternate names:
CSU, MSU, Urine cytology, Urine eosinophils, Urine haemosiderin, Urine x 3
Specimen types:
Container types:
Sterile Jar
Collection Instructions:

Urine for Cytology -Patient Collection Instructions

Urine for Cytology - Clinical Information

Specimens should be collected by a clean catch technique to decrease contamination from the lower genital tract. The first bladder void of the day should be discarded (as the cells are likely to be degenerate) and samples collected from subsequent bladder voids. Samples from indwelling catheters should be avoided if possible. Specimens should be sent to the pathology laboratory as soon as possible or if there is a delay in getting the specimen to the laboratory, then refrigeration is required.

Urine x 3 - specimens should be collected on 3 consective days and stored in the fridge until they get to the laboratory.

Result Turnaround Time:
72 hours