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Cystine - Urine

Ordering information:

Please note the patient will receive an account for $160.25 from VCGS for this test,and a partial rebate may be claimed back from Medicare. For further details regarding this, please contact VCGS directly.

Referred Test
Test Code:
Specimen types:
24 hour Urine
Container types:
24 hour urine24 hour urine
Collection Instructions:
Refrigerate, send to lab upon completion

24 hour timed collection required, out of pocket charge apply.

 Patient Collection Instructions

Result Turnaround Time:
7-10 days
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

24 hour urine, plain bottle, a 50 ml frozen aliquot is referred out along with the recorded total 24 hrs volume.

Extra 50 mL aliquot need to be stored frozen.


Transport Instructions:

Transport frozen

External Laboratory:
Victorian Clinical Genetics Sevices (V.C.G.S) - Royal Childrens Hospital
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