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Red Cell Antigen Genotyping

Ordering information:

This test is available for two purposes :

(1) the prediction of blood group phenotypes in recently transfused patients or patients with autoimmune conditions where the patient’s own immunoglobulins interfere with conventional grouping reagents, or


(2) the prediction of the RhD blood group status, primarily in females who are pregnant, or who are of child bearing age, to assist with appropriate management based on the risk of anti-RhD allo-immunisation.

Please consult the Pathology Department before ordering this test.


Referred Test
Specimen types:
Container types:
EDTA large (Blood Bank)EDTA large (Blood Bank)
Collection Instructions:

Minimum volume of 4 ml required - this specimen cannot be used for any other purpose.

A completed "ARCBS Red Cell Reference Form" must accompany each sample sent for analysis.

This form, which can be completed online and subsequently printed to be sent with the sample can be found by clicking here 

Minimum Adult Volume:
4 mL
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Specimen will arrive in department at RT.  Please keep at 4 degrees prior to transport.

Transport Instructions:

Transport at 4 degrees

External Laboratory:
Australian Red Cross Blood Service - Reference Red Cell Laboratory
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