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Renal Biopsy

Ordering information:

Bookings are essential with Anatomical Pathology laboratory 9895 3477 Mon-Fri during business hours  for attendance at renal biopsies, for assessment of adequte material.

Out of hours please call the Anatomical Pathologist on call via switchboard.

Renal biopsy cores should be placed on saline soaked gauze until Anatomical Pathology staff arrive at the procedure.


Alternate names:
Kidney Biopsy EM IF
Referred Test
Specimen types:
Container types:
Not required
Result Turnaround Time:
72 hours
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

IF and EM are currently sent to Monash Medical Centre. Please make sure you send a stained H&E slide also.

IF is placed in Michel's Transport medium (room temperature).

EM must be in Glutaraldehyde fixative (mix vial A&B).

NB: Both Specimens are discarded after 1 month if they are not sent for processing. Glutaraldehyde must be disposed of via chemical company Toxfree and not down the sink.

Transport Instructions:

IF and EM send via MMC courier daily 10.30am or Urgent courier as required (consult pathologist).

IF and EM to be sent in an esky packed with an ice pack.

External Laboratory:
Monash Pathology
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