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The reference laboratory recommends a baseline/ pretreatment blood sample, a trough level at 1, 2 and 4 weeks after starting treatment, and then regular checks of trough level every 3 months.

The referral laboratory "Plasma Mitotane Data Collection Form" should be completed by the requesting doctor.   Please click here to get a copy of this form.

The test is not funded by MBS - the referral laboratory charges $50 per sample ( the baseline sample is not charged ).

Referred Test
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Collection Instructions:
Transport ON ICE IMMEDIATELY to lab
The EDTA sample should be full in order to obtain sufficient plasma for testing. The specimen should reach the laboratory on ice without delay and be processed immediately upon receipt.
Minimum Adult Volume:
5 mL
Reference lab - Oncology Medical Research Lab ; Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital Ph 02 49211150. Assay results are expected within 2 weeks of receipt of sample.
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

The specimen should reach the laboratory on ice without delay and be processed immediately upon receipt. The specimen should be maintained at 4 deg C whilst processing.

Centrifuge at 3500rpm for 15 min at 4 deg C. Store 2-5 ml EDTA plasma at -20C. Ship the plasma with enough dry ice to remain frozen.

Minimum EDTA plasma volume - 2 ml

Transport Instructions:

When sending the specimen contact  the referral laboratory so the assay can be prepared. Contact Madhu Garg ph 02 49211150.

Specimen Send Address

Att. Maghu Garg - Medical Oncology Lab.

General Stores

Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital

Platt Street


Laboratory Notes:
Mitotane is a drug used in treating adrenal tumours. Drug toxicity is a complication.    25.5.11 CR
External Laboratory:
Medical Oncology Laboratory, Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital
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Test & Collection Guide


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