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Hereditary Spherocytosis by Flow Cytometry

Ordering information:

Flow cytometry to detect Red Cell Cytokeratin Band 3 deficiency is more specific and will be able to distinguish spherocytes due to DAT Negative Haemolytic Anaemia.


Cost: $150.00 non-rebatable test-patient will be charged.

Alternate names:
E5M, EMA Binding, Eosin-5-Maleimide Stain
Referred Test
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Collection Instructions:

EDTA sample is stable for 3 days.Supplied with blood film and clinical data.

 Please also send 6 aliquots (min 250 uL)of patient samples with normal RBC indicies. Sample to arrive at RCH preferably in AM. Please contact RCH Lab before sending.

As required
Result Turnaround Time:
1-2 days
Laboratory Use Only
External Laboratory:
Royal Childrens Hospital
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