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Anthrax detection

Ordering information:

Please contact Microbiology prior to collecting specimen for advice on specimen collection and transport requirements.

For Culture: Order "Wound Culture" through EMR and add "For Anthrax detection" in the "Order comment"

For PCR: PCR test is nonorderable through EMR, please order "Miscellaneous NAD" and add "For Anthrax detection" in the "Order comment"

Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Wound swab kit + sterile potWound swab kit + sterile pot
Collection Instructions:


For PCR - collect dry swab and/or punch biopsy.

For culture - collect swab in transport medium and/or punch biopsy.

Transport at room temperature to the Laboratory

As required
Result Turnaround Time:
2-4 days
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Discuss with Senior Scientist in Microbiology before processing as specimen may be referred to external Laboratory.

Laboratory Notes:

Set up culture in Microbiology in class II biosaftey cabinet (blood culture bench). Seal with  parafilm. If cultures grow, do not open. Send to MDU. Contact Infectious Diseases.

Send PCR to MDU.

External Laboratory:
Melbourne University (MDU)
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