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Leucocyte Immunophenotyping

Ordering information:

To order Leucocyte immunophenotyping in ehcare type "FLOW" in the search window and select Flow Cytometry.

Clincal data is required to enable the Flow Cytometry staff to select the appropriate antibody panel.

PLEASE NOTE : Flow Cytometry is a specialised procedure that is performed only during normal business hours.  If there is an extremely urgent need to perform this test outside of these hours, the laboratory must be contacted before the sample is collected. 

It is also imperative that the reason(s) for requesting flow cytometry are clearly indicated on the request form, including contact details for the requesting doctor.

Alternate names:
CD4/CD8 Counts, Cell Surface Markers, FACS Analysis, Flow Cytometry
Flow Cytometry
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Cerebrospinal Fluid
Bone marrow
Container types:
Sterile Jar
Collection Instructions:

Sample store at Room temperature. Samples are not stable for more than 24 hours. Hence they must be recieved by the Flow Cytometry lab at Box Hill within normal business hours Monday to Friday

Flow cytometric analysis of cells stained by immunofluorescence with a range of antibodies against lymphoid and myeloid markers.

The panel of markers used will be appropriate to the clinical comments supplied , or as arranged by prior consultation.




  • Samples must be marked 'URGENT', must reach the laboratory as soon as possible. 
  • All out-of-hours testing requires notification.
  • Time and date of collection must be recorded on request form.

    Whole blood - 1 x EDTA sample, do not spin. Store at room temperature. An FBE must also be requested, needs a separate EDTA sample.

    Bone marrow aspirate - Sample into  EDTA tube

    TissueFresh (if to be shared with other departments for other tests eg. Histopathology or Microbiology) or RPMI fluid (especially if specimen is taken out of hours). This fluid is obtainable from: BH Lab 9895 3884, MH Lab: 9871 3572 or AH Lab: 9764 6136.

  • CSF/other fluids - at least 2mL is preferred

  • Collect CSF into three separate, sterile, screw-capped tubes provided (labelled 1,2 & 3)

  • Tube 1 is for Biochemistry (for Protein and Glucose) 0.5ml (10 drops) required 
  • Tube 2 for Cytology 1.0ml (20 drops)  and/or Flow Cytometry (6ml)
    • For Flow Cytometry a minimum of 6ml is required  in Tube 2
    • For Flow Cytometry and Cytology a minimum of 7ml is required in Tube 2     
  • Tube 3 for Microbiology upto 10ml (Full tube)

    If querying CJD the laboratory requires a 4th unopened tube containing at least 1ml of non-bloodstained CSF.

    Xanthochromia investigation requires a 4th tube containing 1ml of CSF .