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Cryoproteins - Blood

Alternate names:
Cryofibrinogen, Cryoglobulin
Referred Test
Specimen types:
Container types:
Serum No Gel & EDTASerum No Gel & EDTA
Collection Instructions:

PLEASE NOTE : One EDTA (purple top) and one Plain serum (red top) tube MUST BE COLLECTED.  All samples must be kept at 37oC in a thermos flask and delivered to the laboratory immediatley.  Both tubes are required for Cryoprotein analysis.

Heated specimen tubes in thermos flask can be obtained from the laboratory.



Reference Interval:

Not detected

Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Keep the sample in the incubator for 1 hour. Spin and separate serum and plasma into marked aliquot tubes and send at RT.

External Laboratory:
Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
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