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Pap smear

Ordering information:

This is not a Cerner orderable test for Eastern Health.

Please use request form provided by the Victorian Cytology Service (VCS) and place specimen in the green transport bag loacated on Level 3 Building A Womens and Childrens Specialist Clinic  (BHH) for pick up by the VCS courier.

Smears from other Eastern Health sites can be sent to BH via the Pathology courier.

Alternate names:
Cervical smear
Referred Test
Specimen types:
Container types:
Not required
Collection Instructions:

The test is sent to the Victoria Cytology Service via VCS courier (Women's and Children's.


Cervical smears should be performed by trained clinicians. Cervical smear slides, fixatives and spatulae are available from Victorian cytology services. It is imperative that the smear is fixed immediately in 95% alcohol or sprayed immediately with spray fixative. Smears are routinely referred to the Victorian Cytology Service (VCS) for analysis and it is essential that a VCS request form be completed.

The request form and smear must be clearly labelled with the patient’s name and date of birth. The request form should state the patient’s menstrual status, pregnancy status, exogenous hormone administration and form of contraception used.

The patients’ cervical smear results are routinely forwarded to the Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry (VCCR), which is a computerised registry of patient cervical smears and cervical biopsy results. The VCCR coordinates a computerised recall system. Patient confidentiality at the VCCR is assured.

Patients have the option of not having their results forwarded to the VCCR in which case the request form should be labelled 'NOT FOR VCCR'.

Result Turnaround Time:
5 days
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Smears do not need to come to Anatomical Pathology first. They can go strainght down to Birralee for pick up by the courier. In the event that they do come to Pathology fisr we give them a VSENT test code purely for tracking purposes. Results are not entered into our LIS.

Transport Instructions:

There is a bag in Women's and Children's Specialist clinic for Pathology specimens where all smears should be placed. This is where the VCS courier will pick up the specimens from.

External Laboratory:
Victorian Cytology Service (VCS)
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