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Creatinine - Blood

Alternate names:
Cr, Creat
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Serum tube with gelSerum tube with gel
Collection Instructions:
Transport specimen at Room Temperature to lab
Sample haemolysis may make this test unreportable
Minimum Adult Volume:
1 mL
Paediatric Minimum Volume:
0.5 mL
Result Turnaround Time:
4 hours
Reference Interval:

0 to 1 W                   22 - 93 umol/L

1W to 4W                 17 - 50 umol/L

4W to 2Y                  11 - 36 umol/L

2Y to 6Y                   20 - 44 umol/L

6Y to 12Y                 27-58  umol/L

12Y to 15Y       Female          35-74 umol/L

12Y to 15Y       Male              35-83 umol/L

15Y to 19Y       Female          38-82 umol/L

15Y to 19Y       Male               50-100 umol/L

19Y to 120Y     Female           45 - 90 umol/L

19Y to 120Y     Male                60 - 110 umol/L

Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Falsely rasied creatinine values may be obtained in therapy with ascorbic acid and in the presence of ketones, alpha-methyldopa, haemolysis or high glucose concentrations

Cephalosporins in high concentration also give falsely raised serum creatinine

Blood samples for creatinine should not be taken within one hour of i.v. Cephalosporin administration