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Chromosome Analysis

Ordering information:

Please note that not all chromosome analyses are totally covered by the Medicare rebate, and the patient may be faced with out-of-pocket expenses.  To establish the cost faced by a patient for a particular test, please contact the Billing Department at VCGS (8341-6392), and make sure the patient is aware of any out-of-pocket expense prior to collecting samples.

Alternate names:
Chromosome studies, DNA Analysis, Karyotype, Microarray, SNP Microarray
Referred Test
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Lithium heparin no gelLithium heparin no gel
Collection Instructions:


Chromosome Studies need:

Newborns/infants - greater than 1 mL heparinised blood (no gel)

Adults: 4-8 mL heparinised blood  (no gel)

Fragile X studies need:

Newborn/infants : 1-2 ml  EDTA

Children : 2-5  EDTA

 Adults :  4-8 ml EDTA

Microarray/SNP studies need:

Newborn/infants : 1-2 mL EDTA

Adults: 4-8 mL EDTA


Please contact BHH laboratory before collection.

Specimen to be at BHH laboratory before 1200 hours on Friday as they cannot be stored  or collected over the weekend.

As required
Result Turnaround Time:
4-8 weeks
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Do NOT spin.

External Laboratory:
Victorian Clinical Genetics Sevices (V.C.G.S) - Royal Childrens Hospital
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