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Collagen Binding Assay

Referred Test
Specimen types:
Container types:
Sodium CitrateSodium Citrate
Collection Instructions:
Transport specimen at Room Temperature to lab
Samples found to have clots cannot be tested

Fill to label marker and mix by inversion.

Do not use 1 mL citrate tubes.

Minimum Adult Volume:
4 mL
Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Specimens kept at room temperature, should be centrifuged ASAP and tested within 4 hours from time of specimen collection. If testing is not completed within 4 hours, plasma should be removed from cells and aliquoted (1mL) into Eppendorf tubes, 2 X 1 mL vials per CBA assay.

Plasma may be frozen @ -20 C for up to 2 weeks or -70 C for up to 6 months. Frost free freezers should not be used.

External Laboratory:
Austin Pathology
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