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Blood Compatibility Testing, CXM
Blood Bank
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Pink EDTA (6mL)Pink EDTA (6mL)
Collection Instructions:
Please use Request for Blood Products form (A4)
Note minimum specimen ID requirements (on form).
Transport specimen at Room Temperature to lab

Please ensure that an A4 "Request for Blood Products" form is used. To view this request form, click here



Alert Blood Bank to any urgent Crossmatches on;

Box Hill - 9895 3487

Angliss - 9764 6135

Maroondah - 9871 3572


Expected times for the provision of blood products can be found by clicking on this link.


Crossmatches are valid for a period of 72 hours only.

Specimen labelling is governed by a national guideline - see minimum specimen labeling requirements.


Supply of Blood Products for transfusion is dependent on available stock which is managed by the Australian Red Cross Blood Bank. To facilitate Blood Product requests - see Requesting Blood Procedure ( Section 3 of Blood and Blood Component Administration )