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Creatine Kinase, MB Fraction

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Only available for CCU clinical trial.
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Serum tube with gelSerum tube with gel
  • Cardiac Troponin T is a more sensitive and more specific marker of cardiac damage than CKMB. Troponin has largely replaced CKMB
  • Total CK is always assayed first. CKMB is not generally performed where Total CK is < 200 U/L, and is not indicated where Total CK is > 10,000 U/L
  • The CKMB (mass) assay is largely free from the non-specific reactions seen in the older enzyme-activity assays
  • Caution should be exercised in the diagnosis of myocardial damage where the total CK is very high, eg: > 5000 U/L.
  • Small amounts of CKMB may be found in skeletal muscle
  • Both percent and absolute levels of CKMB may exceed the quoted values
Only available for CCU clinical trial.
Reference Interval:

Myocardial damage is probable when the following triad exists:

CK (Total) > 200 U/L
CKMB-mass > 10 mg/L
MB index > 5

Laboratory Use Only
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Royal Melbourne Hospital
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