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Aldosterone - blood

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Collection Requirements for both or either tests

Collect into 4 mL EDTA tubes at Room Temperature. Do not collect on ice

If both Renin and Aldosterone are requested together, they can be collected into the same EDTA tube

In the laboratory, spin and separate the plasma immediately. Plasma is stable at Room Temperature if analysis is performed on the same day

If the specimen arrives on the weekend or after hours, or if the specimen is referred from an external laboratory, freeze the plasma

EDTA plasma samples from external laboratories should be stored and transported frozen

Whole blood or plasma stored at 4 Deg C is not suitable

Add-on tests for Renin and Aldosterone should not be done on samples which have been previously collected or stored at 4 Deg C

Result Turnaround Time:
4-7 days
Reference Interval:

Aldosterone                    <978 pmol/L

Aldosterone/Renin Ratio <70

Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

Blood levels are not appropriate as an initial investigation. Used as part of protocols available on consultation

Serum aldosterone has substantial physiological variation and interpretation may be difficult.

Plasma renin activity is a more useful initial test in the evaulation of hypertension.

Aldosterone/Renin ratio has a limited role in the evaluation of hypertension; it will be calculated only if full clinical and drug therapy details are provided.

External Laboratory:
Austin Pathology
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