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Mycophenolic Acid

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Print the attached Blood Sample Collection Record.

Sample Collection Record

Follow the collection instructions and complete details on the form.

Referred Test
Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Collection Instructions:


The sample is to be delivered to the laboratory immediately.

Record the amount and exact time of dose.

Record the exact time of each collection.



Pre dose sampling is useful for checking patient compliance or suspected toxicity.

AUC estimation requires 4 samples: pre dose, +1 hr, +2hr and + 4 Hr post dose.

As required
Reference Interval:

As yet to be determined. Some papers in the literature give cardiac, liver and renal ranges to be 1.0 - 3.5 mg/L, but further studies need to be performed.

AUC 0-12hr of 30 - 60 for cardiac and renal transplantation, in the initial phase, has been shown to associate with less rejection.

Plasma concentrations below 2.0 mg/L were associated with an unacceptable degree of rejection while toxicity was observed in patients with concentrations above 5.0 mg/L.

( The journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 18(2), 143-149, 1998. )

Laboratory Use Only
Storage Instructions:

 The sample is to be centrifuged at  4C and the plasma frozen at -20 deg ASAP.

Laboratory Notes:

Send specimens on ice to

Specimen Reception

Austin Pathology

Level 6 Harold Stockes Building

Studley Rd

Heidelberg 3084

External Laboratory:
Austin Pathology
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Test & Collection Guide


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