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Measles Serology

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Only Measles IgG is tested in Box Hill Lab, if current infection is suspected, Measles IgM is sent to VIDRL

If current infection suspected: Measles is a Group A Notifiable Disease and requires immediate notification to IPAC and to DHHS by TELEPHONE (1300 651 160) upon clinical suspicion or initial diagnosis (presumptive or confirmed). A throat swab (dry or in UTM) is the preferred specimen. When approval from DHHS is received notify Microbiology to ensure the specimens are processed urgently.

Test Code:
Specimen types:
Container types:
Plain Tube with gelPlain Tube with gel
Collection Instructions:
Sample haemolysis may make this test unreportable
Transport specimen at Room Temperature to lab

The transit of specimen from Angliss or Maroondah lab and out of working hour collection may cause the prolonged turnaround time

Result Turnaround Time:
1-3 days
Laboratory Use Only
Laboratory Notes:

Contact VIDRL 9342 2649/9342 2650

External Laboratory:
Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (V.I.D.R.L)
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